Classical Electromagnetism (PHYS 423)

Instructor: Prof. Pavel Fileviez Perez


Room: Rockefeller 304

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10:35 am – 11:25 am


In this course we will discuss several aspects of Classical Electromagnetism which will be crucial to understand the applications of  Electromagnetism to different physical systems. Here some of the topics we will discuss:

  • Electromagnetic theory in the classical limit.
  • Gauge invariance and special relativity.
  • Applications to electrostatic, magnetostatic, and radiation problems using advanced mathematical techniques.
  • Dielectric, magnetic, and conducting materials.
  • Wave propagation in open and confined geometries.
  • Radiation from accelerating charges.
  • Cherenkov, synchrotron, and transition radiation.


Every week the students will solve the homeworks and the course will have the midterm and final exams. The final grade will be a combination of the results in the homeworks (40%), midterm (20%) and final exam (40%). The best student in the homeworks will receive a prize.

Office Hours: Make an appointment.


Here some useful books but we will not follow very close any of the books in all lectures.

Modern Electrodynamics by Andrew Zangwill

Classical Electrodynamics by John D. Jackson